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Facial Mud Mask

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Marbelle Mineral Facial Mud is a natural blend of the famed Dead Sea mud with its potent minerals and salts enriched with proven antioxidants, therapeutic almond oil, herbal extracts and fragrance to deeply cleanse, protect and nurture a more youthful, dewy complexion.

Dead Sea mud is respected throughout the world for its amazing skin cleansing and purifying properties. Since the days of Cleopatra, the use of Dead Sea mineral products at home (or visiting the famed Dead Sea health resorts) has been proven as an effective care regime for all skin types, and also for the treatment of numerous skin disorders and dermatological conditions such as psoriasis, acne, eczema and dehydrated skin.

Extracted direct from the source, the concentration of Dead Sea mud in the Marbelle Body Essentials Facial Mud mask

draws out skin impuritiesrefines poresprevents bacterial infectionsoothes and calms your skinrevealing a cleansed, plump, youthful complexion with visibly reduced fine lines

Directions for Use:

Marbelle Mineral Facial Mud may be used in a number of ways. First cleanse the skin thoroughly with the Marbelle Body Essentials Mineral Mud Soap. Soothe and relax with the mud mask by applying with the fingertips to the face and neck. Take care to avoid the eye area. Massage very gently, and allow the mask to dry completely. After 10-15 minutes, rinse gently with cloth soaked in lukewarm water.

Moisturise with the Marbelle Mineral Day Cream to lock in rejuvenated hydration.

Tips and Recommendations:

Use the Marbelle mud masque to treat yourself with a Dead Sea-inspired mini home spa indulgence once a week. Exfoliate gently afterwards with the Marbelle Body Essentials Scrub Lotion for the ultimate Dead Sea glow!

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